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Academic Options

We are committed to developing student-athletes


committed to developing student-athletes who will be successful in college, both on and off the tennis court, Pate Academy strives to develop a rigorous training schedule that considers a player’s individual academic and tennis goals

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  • Provides academic support for students who are enrolled in an accredited online school

  • Supplements virtual school with daily interactions between students and educators across all areas of academy study in a classroom-like environment

  • Organizes enrichment opportunities to promote community, encourage growth mindsets, and strengthen executive function skills

  • Maximizes time efficiency by being located at the same campus where Pate Academy trains, resulting in minimal transportation and scheduling logistics

Pate Academy has experience blending rigorous and fulsome tennis training with challenging and comprehensive academic schedules.  With experience working closely with institutions and educators across a number of different academic environments, including accredited online schools, as well as traditional public, charter, and private schools in the greater Charleston community, we are confident we can help all of our student-athletes meet and exceed both their tennis and academic goals.

Online Learning.

Accredited Online Programs

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