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Academy is designed to develop all aspects of a player’s game: fitness, speed, strength, stroke development, game style, and strategy.  Players receive significant individualized attention as play is highly customized to no more than 4 players per court, plus a coach. 


All programming to take place at our

LTP Mt. Pleasant facility.


Visiting players may participate on a weekly or monthly basis, with approval.

the details

Our 2022/2023 academic year program begins on August 15th and consists of over 22 hours per week of training, including:

  • Mondays through Fridays

    • 1.5 hours of semi-private instruction every day

    • 2.5 hours of either coached match play or small group instruction and competitive play every day

    • 45 minutes off-court strength and conditioning everyday    

  • Training partners and Academy coaches will change from time to time to provide variety and different perspective

We understand that many of our student-athletes attend different schools with different schedules. We are committed to working with each student-athlete to make sure their tennis training schedules fit with their academic schedules and requirements.  We are confident we can make scheduling work for all of our players.




Updated Academy Schedule 2021_2.png

This is a sample schedule for our 9.0-13 UTR players.

Schedules will vary based on individual goals, training needs, and academic program.

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