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structured for players who compete primarily in state and sectional tournaments and are working towards qualifying for national tournaments

High Performance is 12-16 hours per week, Monday through Saturday, at the LTP-Mt. Pleasant facility. Coaches support players’ development of a game style that best suits their skills and emphasize the enjoyment of tennis. High Performance Plus is offered for players who compete in higher level tournaments and require an advanced program similar to the Academy, but who are constrained by a traditional

school schedule.


Programs are intended to be year-round, but players may participate on a weekly basis, with approval.

the details

  • Small Group Training, Pod, consists of three to four players per coach per court. Pod allows coaches to work on player’s game style and strokes. Pod coaches work with players to develop near- and long-term goals and plan appropriate tournament schedules.

  • Video Analysis of practice matches is supported by Czir. The video recording and editing program highlights specific situations or shots and provides a useful learning tool for players.

  • Academy Practice is group training, where steel sharpens steel. Players are put in match situations supported by active coaching and point analysis. Every day presents a new challenge and an opportunity to practice new skills.

  • Advanced Strength and Speed Training is led by three professional trainers experienced with working with pro, college, and elite junior level players. Training is designed for first and second step explosion and an emphasis on change of direction and footwork efficiency. Players participate in rigorous workouts multiple times per week. 

  • Point of Contact & Footwork Training has been developed by renowned expert Lenny Schloss (The Eye Coach). Lenny has worked with Randy to create a program that helps players hit a clean and accurate ball in challenging situations. Point of Contact & Footwork Training sessions are unique to Pate Academy.

  • Yoga provides a fundamental practice that emphasizes stretching, flexibility, rhythmic breathing, and athletic relaxation techniques.

  • Beach Run takes place on one of Charleston’s finest beaches with a focus on footwork, explosiveness, efficient change of direction, and movement in multiple directions.


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These are sample schedules.

Schedules will vary based on individual goals, training needs, and academic program.

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