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Structured for our beginning players working through the USTA’s Net Generation player development pathways

The Red, Orange, Green, Yellow (ROGY) program is optimal game development for junior players ages 4 and up. Players use appropriate equipment and court sizes to accelerate their learning. The result is early successful experiences with tennis which encourages fun and commitment to improvement.

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Red Ball Designed for ages 8 and under, the court size is 36 feet. Players use appropriate length racquets with a red tennis ball that is lower compression and moves slower. Think of a 7-year old soccer player on a smaller field, scoring more goals.

Offered Monday - Thursday 3:15PM to 4:00PM.


Orange Ball Designed for ages 10 and under, the court size is 60 feet. Players use appropriate length racquets with an orange ball that has appropriate compression. The ball bounces to the player's "strike zone.” Players learn to basic patterns from different parts of the court and develop strong technique. 

Offered Monday - Thursday 4:00PM to 5:00PM.


Green/Yellow Ball Designed for ages 10 and up, the court size is regulation 78 feet. Players use either a green ball, with slightly less compression, or a traditional yellow ball. Some players may transition between green and yellow balls based on the coaching staff’s development plan. 

Offered Monday - Thursday 5:00PM to 6:30PM.

One size does not fit all and Pate Academy places players in the appropriate class level based on demonstrated skills, experience, and age. The ages listed are a general guide. Our priority is for players to have a great tennis experience and to develop their game based on their individual progress. 

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